1set 5T Einträgerlaufkran nach Indonesien

26. November 2018

1set 5T Einträgerlaufkran nach Indonesien


Wichtige Fakten

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Technische Parameter

  1. Capacity :5t
  2. Span: 18.14m
  3. Lfit Height:6m
  4. lifting speed: 8m/min
  5. hoisting traveling speed: 20m/min
  6. crane traveling speed: 20m/min

Detaillierte Informationen

this single girder overhead crane is used in a new workshop, our client do the steel structure and others by themselves, our engineer design this span and lifting height according to client’s workshop drawing, our client is quite satisfied by our service, shortly signed this order after several times negotiation.

The client satisfaction is our target purchasing. We want to provide the best service and fully technical support for our client. You can trust us all the time!

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