Requisiti di ispezione del sistema di azionamento di sollevamento

21 aprile 2017

2H0A0903 拷贝

  1. Should be smooth clutch engagement, transmission power should be effective, should be completely isolated;
  2. There should operate the transmission parts, shock, vibration, heat and oil spills;
  3. Gear box gear should be intact, the quantity of oil;
  4. In operation, the gearbox should not have abnormal noise, vibration, heat and oil spills;
  5. Transmission gear should be correct, the shift should be light;
  6. Coupling parts should not have defect; connection should not be loose, not a violent crash during the operation;
  7. Rope should be neatly arranged on the reel;
  8. Gearbox bolt, housing connecting bolts should not be loose, defect;
  9. Reduction gear box operation may not have abnormal sound, temperature rise should comply with the specification.

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