4 Sets Of 10t Electric Wire Rope Hoist Exported To Philippines

April 08, 2022

4 Sets Of 10t Electric Wire Rope Hoist Exported To Philippines


Key Facts

4 Set


10t-9m Electric Wire Rope Hoist, 3 sets.

10t-13.5m Electric Wire Rope Hoist, 1 set.

Detailed Specifications:

  • Model: CD 10t
  • Capacity: 10T
  • Lifting height: 9m/13.5m
  • Lift Speed: 7m/min
  • Travel Speed: 10m/min
  • Power Source:480V, 60HZ, 3AC

In Sep, we got an inquiry for three sets 10t electric wire rope hoist from a client in Philippines, who will install monorail hoist to install and maintenance the machinery in their factory.

The client share with us the plan view of where the monorail hoist will be placed. With the drawing, Our engineers choose suitable running beam for client. Due to the monorail hoist lifting point is far, even one 10t monorail hoist need to work with box girders. According to client requirements, we quote client 3sets monorail hoist with running beam and busbar.

After confirm the technical and quote with client. They don't confirm the order asap. They need to got 3-4 suppliers to compare price and quality. Until this year Feb, Client contact us again. Notice us that we got the project, and add one 10t-13.5m monorail hoist in this order.

In order to save some freight fee, client decide to purchase running beam in their local. We update the freight fee and 4sets 10t monorail hoist cost with client. And got the 10t monorail hoist order.

Although we were not the single supplier to our client and many other crane suppliers had cheap products, we were finally chosen not because we had the lowest price, but we had the most professional design and a good reputation in quality in their market.

Safety protection devices were required so we provided a overload protector, fire limit and limit switches. The motor brand is Nanjing, Electrical part is Schneider.

The 4 sets 10t monorail hoist be produce with about 14days. And the hoist is be finished now. The 10t monorail hoist were transport divided mainly into 4 wooden case. Hoist and it busbar were packaged by one wooden box. In case the boat shake on the sea, We used steel wire rope fixed the hoist on the wooden box base.

The 4sets monorail hoist have be shipped now. If your factory need monorail hoist to install and maintenance machinery, Please feel free to contact us. Only need to provide some details:

  1. Lifting capacity.
  2. Lifting height.
  3. Power supply.
  4. Lifting speed requirements.
  5. Traveling speed requirement.
  6. Running beam lifting point distance
  7. What the monorail hoist will lift

And here we share some product and delivery pictures with you, please check as below.



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