Wire Rope Sheaves

Wire rope sheave is generally used for guiding and supporting, to change the wire rope direction and its transfer force and to balance the tension of rope branches.

It is widely used in crane transportation equipment, port machinery, shipbuilding, grab, construction and other industries.


  • Diameter: Ø200-Ø1600mm, sheave width, sheave hub diameter, sheave hub width.
  • Wire rope Diameter: Ø7mm-Ø82mm

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Product Introduction

The sheave used in crane transportation and other handling equipment, since of different equipment mining, as well as the different wire rope diameter, the sheave material and diameter all will have a great difference.  

Because in order to save labour in the equipment, there will be many ways of winding the wire rope, so the pulley is generally used in groups in the equipment.  Fixed pulley group, moving pulley group, balance pulley group are often encountered in equipment products.  

Product Categories

  • According to the material, sheave can be divided into cast iron type, cast steel type, steel plate type, forged steel type, nylon type.
  • According to molding way, can be divided into casting sheave, forging sheave and welding sheave.
  • According to usage, can be divided into ordinary crane use, port crane use, Marine use, etc.
  • Ordinary crane generally use cast iron sheave, cast steel sheave and rolling type sheave;
  • Port crane generally use rolled sheave, forging sheave, nylon sheave.
  • Marine generally use rolling sheave, casting sheave.

Product Material

  • Cast iron: Cast iron HT200, nodular cast iron
  • Cast steel: ZG20、ZG25、ZG35、ZG45, etc.
  • Steel plate: Rolling Q235B, Q345B、45# steel, etc.
  • Forged steel: 16Mn、20、45、 42CrMo、65Mn, etc.
  • Nylon: MC Nylon.


  • Gray iron pulley have advantages of good cast technology, small abrasion of wire rope, but it is low strength, and short use life, usually used for low grade work environment;
  • The nodular cast iron pulley have advantages of high strength, good impact toughness and good abrasive resistance, but its surface hardness is higher and will have serious abrasion of wire rope, normally will be used for higher work environment.
  • Cast steel pulley have high strength and balanced performance, use life is long, and it is widely used for production.

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