The crane in the paper industry is a special crane specially developed for the paper mill according to the environment and use requirements of the paper mill. It is mostly used specially developed for the paper mill is a special crane, European type overhead crane are mostly used.

When hoisting paper rolls, it is mostly used with double trolley or three trolley crane, and the hoisting has strict requirements on synchronicity and positioning, and must have the highest reliability and load positioning accuracy. The paper industry site is generally high temperature, damp and compact workshop space complex, double trolley or three trolley sometimes need to separate work, sometimes need two synchronous collaborative, sometimes need three trolleys concerted work, traditional cabin control is very inconvenient, it is difficult to fine operation, and inaccurate counterpoint. It is simple to use wireless remote to control. The operator's working position can be flexibly changed, the working efficiency and security is greatly improved.

Our company can design and produce material handling crane systems for the paper industry, such as bridge crane for process, maintenance cranes, paper roll storage system and workshop cranes. The services of crane in the paper industry includes: proper storage and transportation of timber, pulp production lines, paper and cardboard manufacturing, waste paper and tissue paper manufacturing.

We provide cranes with different lifting capacities and OEM services to design custom cranes.

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