European Type Overhead Cranes

  • Capacity: up to 20t
  • Span Lenght: up to 31.5m
  • Duty Group: A3-A5
  • Work Environment Temperature: -25°C〜+40°C, relative humidtiy ≤85%
  • Applications: Suitable for warehouses, material stocks and general factory site. 
  • Reference Price Range: $2,000-50,000/set

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Product Introduction

Except general type domestic standard all kinds of crane, Dafang crane also product European type Overhead Crane and Gantry Crane, European type overhead crane are compact lifting machinery designed and manufacturing in strict accordance with FEM and DIN standard, which with advanced technology and beautiful design. It equipped with low headroom hoists/trolley and variable frequency drives on both hoist and trolley.

Compare with other traditional crane, the limit distance between hook and wall is the minimum, the net height is lowest, can maximum the lift height, practically increase the efficient work space. Due to cranes' light dead weight, and minimum wheel load, can largely reduce the workshop's cost.


Suitable for workshop and warehouse material handling, large parts precision assembly and other places. 

Technical Features

European series overhead crane with hook is a new generation crane, it has the following advantages:

  • Light dead weight, light wheel load, small boundary dimensions, dependable performance, easy operation.
  • Light wheel load and small boundary dimensions can reduce the cost of plant construction, save capitol in vestment of lighting, heating and so on.
  • Using high-quality components can reduce failure rate and maintenance costs.
  • On the other hand, the total installed power(power consumption), low consumption of total power can reduce the costs.
  • All the weld line should have non-destructive test.
  • All the raw material have to pass shot blasting.


NO Item Brand
1 Hoist Electrical Schneider Brand
2 Motor(Hoist Lift) ABM
Reducer(Hoist Lift)
Brake(Hoist Lift)
3 Motor(Hoist & Crane Travel) SEW Three-In-One
Reducer(Hoist & Crane Travel)
Brake(Hoist & Crane Travel)
4 Inverter Yaskawa Brand

Products Details

European EuropeanWheel

European Wheel

Material 42CrMo, include wheel bearing, wheel, bearing box, and bearing.

European EuropeanHoist

European Hoist

Standard lift speed is double speed, hoist travel and crane travel speed is variable. ABM brand.

European EuropeanHook

European Hook

DIN or FEM standard. DG34CrMo; Compact structure; Save cost; High intensity.

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