Crane Wheels

  • Classification:Different in directivity
  • Double edge wheel 400-900mm (tread size)
  • Single edge wheel 250-500mm
  • Rim wheel 250-900mm
  • After receive the wheel drawing and material requirement, then we can arrange the quotation.

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Product Introduction

Dafang is a manufacturer of high-integrity hardened steel crane wheels which are heat treated and manufactured to withstand harsh industrial environments.

Crane wheel are generally cast or forged, and then machined, and finally heat treatment to improve the surface hardness of its tread , mainly used in gantry cranes - port machinery - bridge cranes - mining machinery, etc. Also known as: crane wheels, crane wheels, port machinery wheels, wheel forgings, wheel forgings, forged steel wheels, etc.

Commonly used wheel forging materials: 60#, 65Mn, 42CrMo

Technical Features

Crane wheels are easily damaged parts, According to the use characteristics of the crane, the tire surface of the car is required to have high hardness, and a certain quenching depth and transition layer (depth>10mm, hardness HRC40-48) to improve its bearing capacity, wear resistance and contact fatigue resistance performance. At the same time, the matrix structure is required to have good mechanical properties and good organizational state, and the hardness should reach HBS187 to 229, so that it has high toughness and improves impact resistance and crack resistance.


It is widely used in overhead crane, gantry crane and so on.


  • High Quality
  • Safe and Reliable
  • Tailor Made
  • Professional Design

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