Explosion Proof Overhead Cranes

  • Capacity: up to 100/30t
  • Span Lenght: up to 31.5m
  • Duty Group: A3-A4
  • Work Environment Temperature: -25°C〜+40°C, relative humidtiy ≤85%
  • Applications: Suitable for the places where the explosion-proof capability in the factory is not higher than IIB or IIC level, and the ignition temperature group is T1-T4 group of flammable gas or explosive gas mixture formed by vapor and air. It is suitable for hazardous areas in Zone 1 or Zone 2.
  • Reference Price Range: $3,000-150,000/set

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Product Introduction

Explosion proof overhead crane is one type of explosion-proof and hazardous environment overhead crane. All the motors and electrical equipment are explosion proof. The explosion proof level is in line with international standards and regulations. The lifting capacity of the explosion proof overhead crane is 5 to 100/30 tons and the working class is A4 and A5. Spark Resistant features available for all products.

The normal combustible environment include acetylene, hydrogen, ethylene, propane, metal dust, coal dust, cereal dust etc. If your work usage environment have any explosive air, our explosion proof cranes are dedicated for hazardous locations.


Explosion proof overhead crane is applied to sites, where is not higher than the II B or II C-class, and the sites with explosive air mixture formed with inflammable gas (or steam) and air whose factory ignition temperature groups of not less than the T4 group.

Technical Features

  • Compact structure, light, safe and reliable.
  • High universality component, can be easily interchanged.
  • Light dead weight, small in size, large lifting capacity.
  • High safety and explosion-proof grade.
  • The outside parts of hoist adopts no spark material, anti-explosion safely.
  • Hoist exposed parts are all adopt special no-spark materials, reliable explosion-proof performance.
  • Crane power supply method is cable but not bus bar.
  • All wheels are stainless steel.

Products Details

ProofCrane Hoist Explosion proof Electric Box

Hoist Explosion-proof Electric Box

ProofCrane Crane Travel Stainless Wheel

Crane Travel Stainless Wheel

ProofCrane Explosion proof controller scaled

Explosion proof controller

ProofCrane Crane Explosion proof Electric Box scaled

Hoist Explosion-proof Electric Box

ProofCrane Hoist Travel Stainless Wheel scaled

Hoist Travel Stainless Wheel

ProofCrane Power supply method cable

Power supply method-cable

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