Crane Trolley

  • Crane drive: IP54 or IP44, level F insulation
  • High-quality automatic welding and NDT inspection
  • Control the load easily and position the load exactly
  • Safety, varieties of protective device
  • Long life, low price, low noise

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Product Introduction

Crane trolley is the lifting mechanism of the crane, which can smoothly travel on the main beam, and is the most important part of the crane.


Any double girder overhead crane; double girder gantry crane; double girder semi gantry crane; other cranes.


EItem Lifting mechanism Hoist traveling mechanism Crane traveling mechanism
Motor Hongtai/ABB Hongtai/Boneng/SEW Hongtai/Boneng/SEW
Reducer Boneng/SEW Boneng/SEW Boneng/SEW
Brake Jiaozuo Changjiang Jiaozuo Changjiang Jiaozuo Changjiang

Products Details

Crane trolley 4

Oil outlet channel

Crane trolley 5 scaled

Galvanized Cable Channel

Crane trolley 1 scaled

All cable is connected before delivery

Crane trolley 7 scaled

Wheel lubricating oil pipe

Crane trolley 3 scaled

Cable Protective soft pipe

Crane trolley 2 scaled

Overload limit switch and height limit switch

Different Types of Crane Trolley

Crane trolley 5 1 2

LH light group crane trolley with electric hoist

Match with LH double girder overhead crane. Cheaper price, A3 work group

Crane trolley 6 1

LH light group integrated trolley.

Match with LH double girder overhead crane, tight structure, suitable when the upper space is limited, A3 work group.

Crane trolley 2 1

NLH European type crane trolley

Match with NLH European type double girder overhead crane. Standard Configuration:,ABB motor, SEW reducer, variable speed with YASKAWA inverter. A5 work group.

Crane trolley 4 1

QD high work group crane trolley

Match with QD double girder overhead crane, the A5-A8 work group. Suitable for heavy work group.

Crane trolley 3 1

QD European type high work group crane trolley.

Match with QD European type double girder overhead crane.Standard Configuration:,ABB motor, SEW reducer, variable speed with YASKAWA inverter. The A5 -A8 work group.

Crane trolley 1 1

Winch. Match with any type double girder overhead crane

More suitable when the lift height is too high.

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