Waste Handling

The waste handling crane is the core equipment of feeding system of waste incineration plant. It is a kind of grab bridge crane located directly above the garbage storage pit, responsible for feeding, handling, mixing, picking and weighing of garbage.

There are three types of crane operation control system: manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic control.

Manual control: The driver manipulates the crane through the linkage console to complete movement, grab lifting, grabbing, and feeding.

Semi-automatic control: The crane operation process is completed by the control system automatically. The most common way is that grabbing materials is finished by manual, and moving to feed inlet, weighting and feeding is moved by automatically.

Fully automatic control: When feeding inlet gives a signal, crane works automatically, moving from the parking position to the grab point, lowering the grab bucket, grabbing the garbage, rising the grab, moving to the feed inlet, weighing and measuring, feeding and returned to the parking position or repeated these action. The garbage transportation and mixing is also done automatically.

Main features:

  • Harsh working environment: high temperature, high humidity, dusty, strong gas corrosiveness.
  • Heavy workload: The average annual working time is about 8000h. high full load rate and the work frequently.
  • Difficult to maintenance: bad working environment and the various harmful gases from garbage decay increase the difficulty of work.
  • High reliability requirements: If the crane fails to be repaired in time, it will affect the feed of the incinerator and cause the waste incineration plant to stop production.

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