Metal Production

Steel plants are one of the industries that use cranes the most. The top ten steel mills alone have tens of thousands of various cranes. In the iron and steel industry, the cranes are mainly used for lifting molten steel or grabbing various high-temperature billets and steel material transport.

Most of the cranes in iron and steel plants are production cranes, has strict requirements on the crane reliability and failure-free rate.

According to the crane type, steel plants mostly use bridge cranes, including slab handling bridge crane, casting cranes, metallurgical cranes, crane for lifting steel scrap, storage cranes, maintenance cranes...

According to the spreader, the steel plant has hook type crane, grab type crane, clamp type crane, electromagnet type crane and so on. Sometimes a multifunctional crane that can be equipped with various spreader is needed.

Casting bridge crane is the main lifting and transportation equipment in the smelting workshop of the steel plants, used for the transportation, pouring and molten iron in the smelting process. The crane adopts double-beam structure, mainly composed of bridge frames, trolley, hook beams, crane traveling mechanism and electrical parts. The main hook fetch device for fixed spacing of connecting traversing, used for lifting the ladle, and the auxiliary hook is used to cooperate with main hook to dump molten steel, steel slag and other auxiliary lifting operations.

Ladle crane is used for handling liquid metal under the sever condition of high temperature & excessive dust. It can be used frequently and its working duty is heavy. It is mainly used for converter charging and exchanging molten iron across converter, for handling the molten iron from refining bay to finery or from the liquid steel bay to continuous casting rotary bag.

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