Adjustable Gantry Cranes

  • Capacity: Up to 10t
  • Span Length: Up to 10m
  • Duty Group: A3-A5
  • Work Environment Temperature: -25°C〜+50°C, relative humidtiy ≤95%
  • Applications: Indoor and outdoor
  • Advantage: Portable, can be disassembled and assembleed easily. No need to pave floor rail.
  • Reference Price Range: $1000/set-$15000/set

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Product Introduction

Adjustable gantry crane is designed for transporting and lifting materials.

Adjustable Gantry Crane which is manufactured by the medium and small factory (company) daily production need. It applies to the model manufacturer and installing situation, automobile factories, producing department and other lifting occasions.

The adjustable gantry crane can move easily, disassemble and install quickly, cover the little area. The structure design reasonably, can withstand 500 ~ 2000 kg weight, span up to 8 meters.


Adjustable gantry crane is usually used in assembly workshop, machining workshop, assembly mold, research laboratory, maintenance workshop, small freight station, warehouse, repair shops etc. 

Technical Features

  • Light weight, five times the safety factor
  • Moisture and corrosion protection,explosion-proof
  • Height and Span length can be adjustable.
  • Span and height can be customized size.
  • Every steel tube is detachable,disassembly and assembly are easy


Rated load(t) Adjustable Height(m) Span(m) Beam Height(mm) Motion Type Height Range Instruction
0.5 2.6-3.8 3-9 140 Hand push type universal castor with brake device According to the actual use requirements to increase the lifting height and height of the body
1 2.6-3.8 3-9 160
2 2.6-3.8 3-9 160
3 2.6-3.8 3-9 200
5 2.6-3.8 3-9 250



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