20t Low Head Room Type Single Girder Gantry Crane Exported to Tunisia

January 24, 2022

20t Low Head Room Type Single Girder Gantry Crane Exported to Tunisia


Key Facts

1 Set


One set of 20t low head room type single girder gantry crane.

P38 rail, cable and cable reel for 48m traveling.

Other accessories: Rope guide, hoisting motor brake, wireless remote control.

Detailed Specifications:

  • Crane span: 15.9m
  • Cantilever length: 2.6m effective length, 3.6m total length at one side
  • Lifting height: 5.4m

On September, 2021, we got the inquiry for a gantry crane from our new client in Tunisia. This client is a powerful manufacturer and distributor of plastic, any they wanted to purchase a crane for lifting molds in to the injection molding machine to be installed. As the workshop didn't have runway beams for overhead crane, a gantry crane was chosen for this project.

After studying the workshop dimension and working height requirements, we recommended the European type gantry crane.

The existing workshop had a clear height of 7.7m, but the required lifting height need to be over 5m. A basic type gantry crane can't provide a 5m lifting height under 7.7m clear height, because the structural height from the beam top to the hook is too large. As to the European style gantry crane, due to the compact structure and light weight, the lifting height could reach 5.4m.

At first, our design was a gantry crane without cantilevers covering all the working area in the workshop, but there will be machines at one side close to the wall, thus obstructing the travelling of the crane. So, we designed a cantilever at one side to shrink the span of the crane and rial, perfectly avoiding the machines. At the end of November, we finalized the design and start production.

According to our client's urgent needs, we did our best to speed up production, and managed to get all the goods ready in 40 days.

After careful packing, all the cargoes were sent to Qingdao port waiting to get on board the ship heading to Tunisia.



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