1 Sets Of 35t/5t Electric Wire Rope Hoist For Sale To Vietnam

November 05, 2020

1 Sets Of 35t/5t Electric Wire Rope Hoist For Sale To Vietnam


Key Facts


  1. 35t Electric Wire Rope Hoist
  2. 5t Electric Wire Rope Hoist
  3. Trolley frame

Detailed specifications:

  1. Model: LH/35/5
  2. Capacity: 35/5T
  3. Lifting height: Main hook: 24m. Aux. hook: 24m
  4. Lift Speed main hook: 1.2m/min, Aux. hook: 0.8/8m/min
  5. Travel Speed: 10m/min
  6. Power Source:380V, 50HZ, 3AC

In March, we got an inquiry for a 35t/5t electric wire rope hoist from a client in Vietnam, who had their own crane workshop. For such heavy duty electric hoists, they have difficulty in manufacturing it by themselves, so they turn to suppliers like us in China, whose products are cost-effective.

This client needed a trolley with two hoists, one for 35t main hook, and the other for 5t auxiliary hook. With all the given information, we designed the hoists and trolley frame that were most suitable for our client's workshop, so they could assemble the overhead crane with our trolley and their crane frame successfully.

Although we were not the single supplier to our client and many other crane suppliers had cheap products, we were finally chosen not because we had the lowest price, but we had the most professional design and a good reputation in quality in their market.

Safety protection devices were required so we provided a overload protector, hook upper and lower limit switches. The electric box were also included. With frequency converter model info provided by us, our client could debug by himself.

The order was confirmed on 21th August, and we were faced with challenge that production schedule of our plant was pretty full due to production orders accumulated during the epidemic lockdown, and we needed to work overtime to catch up the delivery time. Luckily we have a group of efficient and hardworking workers, who helped to speed up the production schedule and managed to ship the cargoes in early October. The 35t/5t electric wire rope hoist were divided mainly into 4 parts. The 35t hoist and 5t hoist were packed separately in two wooden boxes, and the trolley frame was wrapped in tarp after disassembly, while the electrical box was wrapped in plastic film.

Now the cargoes were safely handed over to our client and they will deliver the 35t/5t electric wire rope hoist together with the crane frame they made to their client. So for foreign crane manufacturers who are in need of certain hoisting equipment, you are welcome to inquire for any products like trolleys with hoists for overhead cranes or gantry cranes. You just need to provide a few details such as:

  1. Lifting capacity.
  2. Lifting height.
  3. Rail gauge.
  4. Power supply.
  5. Lifting speed requirements.
  6. Traveling speed requirement.
  7. And here we share some product and delivery pictures with you, please check as below.

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