Celebrating May Day丨Working Hard to Crane Ensure Delivery

May 08, 2021

In this vibrant season, the major projects of Dafang Group are in full swing. Dafang people keep moving, work hard, strive to ensure delivery, and celebrate May Day.

Many sets of QD200t double-beam cranes, many sets of QDY74t metallurgical cranes and other batch lifting equipment were manufactured for an iron and steel group in Zhejiang.

This is a batch of lifting equipment projects worth more than 40 million yuan. The product types range from large tonnage double beam bridge crane to large metallurgical casting cranes. The number of products is large and the project is vast. Dafang people forge ahead all the way, and strive for delivery with high standards. Some of them have been produced and sent to the customer site.

MG550t double girder gantry crane project for an overseas company.

The project is a super large tonnage gantry crane. Since the start of the project, Dafang people have been based on their posts and have gone all out to overcome the difficulties on site for 12 consecutive times to ensure that the products are completed on time.

JQJ400t bridge erecting machine project manufactured for a heavy industry group in Wuhan.

Recently, the road and bridge equipment projects undertaken by Dafang are in a blowout situation. Among them, the 400t bridge erecting machine of a heavy industry group in Wuhan, which is under contract, is currently being produced in an intense and orderly manner.

YZ160/70t and other batch lifting equipment manufactured for a steel company in Inner Mongolia.

This is a batch of more than 30 million yuan of lifting equipment projects, all of which are cast cranes of various sizes. Although the process is complicated, the team and staff work together to ensure that the products are delivered on time!


YZ150/32t and other batch casting lifting equipment manufactured for a steel group in Hebei.

This is a batch of lifting equipment projects worth more than 22 million yuan. The product performance requirements are high and the construction period is short. The team staff stick to their posts, strive for perfection, and carry out the production to the end, race against time for customer delivery and ensure the delivery of production orders.

Work creates happiness, hard work makes great achievements. Every era will quietly reward people who work hard. Major projects under construction of Dafang Group are progressing in an orderly manner. Dafang people continue to set off a climax of production and manufacturing, show the demeanor of workers with struggle, and interpret the meaning of festivals with sweat.

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