Dafang Crane Group’s Smart Workshop Commencement Ceremony Was Grandly Held

November 08, 2021

Recently, Dafang Crane Group's smart workshop commissioning ceremony was grandly held, marking the official launch of our group's smart workshop. Member of the Standing Committee of the Changyuan Municipal Party Committee, Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee Liu Jinpeng, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Naoli Town, Mayor Han Ruihao, Deputy Minister of the Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, Pang Weidong, Director of the Municipal Media Center, Zong Weiqiang, Director of the Naoli Equipment Industrial Park, Ma Junjie, Chairman of the Group, Chairman Zhang Honglian and other leaders attended the commissioning ceremony.

Participating leaders and guests.

Han Ruihao, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and Mayor of Naoli Town, delivered a speech for the commissioning ceremony.

Speech by Han Ruihao.

Han Ruihao congratulated our group's smart workshop on the official production, and fully affirmed Dafang's outstanding achievements in recent years. Han Ruihao said that Dafang, as one of the industry's leading companies, has built smart workshops and built smart crane production lines, setting an example in leading the development of the smart industry. It is hoped that Dafang Crane Group will continue to adhere to strategic priority, strengthen innovation vitality, and give full play to its management advantages to open up Dafang's high-quality development path of "intelligent manufacturing, manufacturing intelligence", and contribute to the high-quality development of Changyuan's economy. The town party committee and the town government will unswervingly build a service-oriented government, optimize the business environment, and build a clean political-business relationship, create all favorable conditions for entrepreneurs, and escort the development of enterprises.

Group Chairman Ma Junjie delivered a speech.

Ma Junjie speaks.

Ma Junjie first extended a warm welcome to the leaders and friends who attended the commissioning ceremony, and expressed heartfelt thanks to the leaders and friends from all walks of life who cared about the development of Dafang. Ma Junjie said that in the first five months of this year, Dafang Crane Group's three major operating indicators have grown against the trend and hit a record high. The current lifting industry is transitioning from a traditional model to intelligent, green, and networked. Dafang Crane Group follows the trend of industry development and builds intelligence. The workshop builds an intelligent crane production line. Today's Dafang has a clear strategy, tacit cooperation, simple system, and well-executed implementation have opened the best era. Dafang will continue to uphold the mission of "three for", and make greater contributions to the development of Changyuan, the Central Plains, and Henan's economic development.

Participating leaders cut the ribbon.

Participants visited the smart workshop.


General Manager Liu Zijun presided over the commissioning ceremony.

Dafang Crane Group's intelligent workshop project, with a total area of 32,000 square meters, is fully committed to building an intelligent crane production line, which can achieve an annual output of 1,200 intelligent cranes/sets and 500 new jobs.

Dafang Crane Group's intelligent workshop introduces high-quality, sophisticated, advanced and automated production equipment, integrates the design concepts of modern production workshops, establishes a complete industrial service chain, and strives to build a modern workshop integrating intelligent, green, and network functions. Since then, Dafang people have taken every step of the way solid and firm, and every project node has been devoted to the hard work and sweat of generous people.

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