Dafang Crane Annual Meeting-Reward & Summarize & Plan

January 22, 2019


On Jan 22th, 2019, Dafang Crane Group held the annual meeting! The meeting mainly include three part:  summarize last year; reward brilliant employees and make good plane of 2019 year!


After compare and choose, we reward the following people:  5 people are model workers;  20 people are advanced workers; 9 peoples get contribution award and many other different teams award. The award aim at to motivate workers!


2018 is one important year for Dafang Crane, we got breakthrough this year. With all the employee's hard working, our comprehensive strength continue increase, income and orders reach new record, market position and brand popularity are elevated also! Besides, we also do brilliant work on research and development, quality supervision and other works.


2019 will be another important year for our Dafang Crane! We will try to realize new record, make new technology breakthrough, built comprehensive quality and production supervision system, enlarge our market, continue to insist on good quality, safe production, realize sustainable development!

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