Style Character—- Unity, Innovation, Forge ahead in the Electrical Group

October 13, 2017

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Style Character---- Unity, Innovation, Forge ahead in the Electrical Group

Train run fast, thanks to the front with the department to do well, the team needs to support the waist. In our production equipment department of the family, the electrical group is the vanguard of many of our team, for the production equipment department of continuous progress played an important role!

Electrical group in innovative learning, self-improvement has done a lot of efforts to ensure the completion of the distribution department to complete the production tasks at the same time, electrical group in their own areas of active, learning innovation, in the production team blowing a burst of innovative wind! First, the layout of electrical components innovation. The installation and installation of the original layout of the anti-swing crane has been completed. The design of the PLC, touch screen, high power inverter, high power contactor and circuit breaker has been innovated. The design is not only realized The strong and weak isolation, effectively avoid the strong electric interference on the weak signal, and the appearance of neat, wiring neat, improve product reliability. Second, crane electrical reliability innovation. During the long time research and practice, we have to explore the crane to improve the reliability of a new road. Frequently used terminals are screw-type terminals, a large part of the customer feedback problem is running a long time running will be loose lines, power-down problem. In order to avoid such problems again, after in-depth study and long-term study, to find a new type of terminal blocks that spring-type terminals, after long-term practice, the terminal dropped the problem to be effectively resolved, and greatly improved. The production efficiency and the quality of the electrical cabinet. This improvement has been the company's leadership recognition and awards, by the electrical installers of praise.

Electrical classes can become a model of production team, and electrical monitor Xiao Yanqing has a close relationship. Xiao Yanqing major in electrical engineering in the university, learning to a solid basic skills, after graduation into the generous group, will learn the theoretical knowledge applied to practice, and later from an electrical class backbone step by step to become electrical class monitor, Their own vision and college students unique management ideas to the electrical classes, to create a strong learning atmosphere, high execution, excellent quality team team.

Electrical classes are the pride of the production team, they unite, innovation, forge ahead, in the company to create a piece of their own bright sky, as many production team learning benchmark. There is such a team with the fate of the company continued to grow together, led all the production team to progress together, I believe generous group tomorrow will be more brilliant!

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