Teng Yun of Dafang Group won the honorary title of “Changyuan Craftsman”

May 28, 2021

Changyuan City Labor Union held a working meeting.

On the morning of April 30, the Changyuan City Trade Union Work Conference was held in the municipal government building. The "Decision on Recognizing the "Changyuan Craftsman" in 2020" was announced at the conference. Teng Yun, an employee of our group, won the honorary title of "Changyuan Craftsman" in 2020.

Teng Yun, male, Han nationality, graduated from Taiyuan University of Science and Technology in 2004, and now works in Dafang crane Group as the chief engineer. Since 2004, Teng Yun has won national awards once, provincial awards 9 times, municipal awards 3 times, 2 invention patents, 15 utility model patents, and many times in the journal "Internal Combustion Engines and Accessories" Published scientific papers.


Teng Yun is proactive, optimistic and progressive. Based on his position, he is dedicated to his duties and interprets the craftsman spirit of perseverance, excellence, innovation and the pursuit of excellence with his own actions. He also often told himself to have a grateful heart, do everything with heart, do every job with heart, and contribute all his enthusiasm for Dafang development.

The craftsmanship spirit is never a slogan. It exists in a person's body and heart, starting from the heart and standing on the line. There are many more Dafang people like Teng Yun who have the "craftsman spirit". They have grown up with Dafang for more than ten years, or they have overcome obstacles and contributed to the development of Dafang crane. I believe that with the inspiration of such a "craftsman" spirit, more and more Dafang people will work hard to write a chapter between themselves and Dafang crane!

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