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April 21, 2017


Dec 15th 2015, three scientific and technological achievements in Henan Dafang Heavy Machine Co.,Ltd completed by the expert group in Henan Province. Appraisal commissioned by the Science and Technology Department of Henan Province by the Science and Industry and Information Commission ChangYuan organizations from within the industry seven experts attended the meeting. Mechanical Engineering Society conference by Professor Vincent Henan Province committee to identify director. At the same time, General Manager Baohua Xie, Technology of general Yanning Feng, Technical Director Hui Liu and reporter Changyu Guo attended the meeting.

General Manager Baohua Xie first made a brief generous company and straightforward presentation. Changyu Guo research report made A new type of cloth machine, Crane Oblique Cover Automated Molding Process and Equipment and Single-girder Crane Automated Molding Equipment and Technology projects, technical reports, benefit analysis, technical inspection reports. Appraisal committee heard a report of the project team, consult Novelty and technical data, and technical questions, comments and discussion. The Group believes that a new type of cloth machine uses single girder rigid legs movable structure designed to achieve a height adjustment of the crane; long distance run using automatic trailer loading and unloading conveyor mechanism, to achieve the main beam load uniform and operating flexibility. The Group recommends that further research and development products, to accelerate the popularization and application; single-girder crane automated molding equipment and process automation and cranes oblique cover two projects forming process and equipment technology, advanced technology, reasonable design, reached the leading domestic level.

These three technologies are the results of generous independently Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., Henan Province, the current generous company has formed a team of dedicated professional science and technology, research and development of accurate and efficient, strong and powerful organizational guarantee, aimed at the market combined with tight pattern of technological development.

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