What Is The meaning Of European Crane?

April 19, 2017

DSC_4596 拷贝

European crane is a high-end crane, there is no European crane concept in crane professional term, it is the requirement for the crane, by the user summarize homemade crane (design and manufacturing technology from the Soviet Union), reliable, good versatility , inexpensive, then combined with advanced Europe crane's advantages, advanced technology, compact, light weight, energy-saving, low noise etc., based on the requirements of domestic use characteristics, it is clear market demand and new definition for high-end crane.


The concept of European cranes is formed within the industry in recent years, the purpose is differentiate the conventional domestic crane, Soviet Union (USSR) and traditional cranes. Mainly includes: bridge crane, gantry cranes, jib crane, the flexible beam cranes, explosion-proof crane and other industrial crane.

European crane design is base on lightweight and modular design and advanced manufacturing process, so that the entire crane structure more compact, traveling smoothly, light weight, height reduced, saving energy, reduced the customer's cost, improve the crane quality and performance. European crane will become the mainstream of the development trend of cranes and crane market demand.

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