2021, Those Glorious Memories That Belong To Us

January 05, 2022


In 2021, Dafang Crane Group will have a stable industry position, with the company's comprehensive strength rising day by day, and its core competitiveness will continue to increase, ranking it among the top three in the industry.

  • Selected as one of the "Top 100 Private Enterprises in Henan Manufacturing Industry" for three consecutive years
  • Finalist of "Henan Top 100 Private Enterprises for Social Responsibility"
  • Won the title of "Pacemaker Enterprise of Technological Innovation in China's Heavy Machinery Industry during the 13th Five-Year Plan Period"

  • Won the "National High-tech Enterprise"
  • Won the honorary title of "Quality Benchmark in Henan Province"
  • Elected as "Member Unit of Vice Chairman of China Steel Structure Association"
  • Passed the "Assessment of the Integration of Industrialization and Industrialization Management System"

The achievement of the honor is an affirmation of the high-quality development results of Dafang Group, which inspires us to stick to our original aspirations, move forward with determination, and build new achievements.

Heavy machinery business

In 2021, Dafang Heavy Machinery completed the production of YZ200/60t, YZ160/60t and other batches of four-beam casting cranes, and delivered MG550t beam lifting machine, JQJ400t bridge erecting machine, FTA multifunctional suction crane, QY insulated crane, and YH quenching crane, Low-voltage rail powered, battery-powered AGV electric flat cars and a large number of new, large and special products to customers.

We signed multiple tens of millions of large orders successively with dozens of national key enterprises, such as Baosteel, Valin Steel, Benxi Iron and Steel, Nanjing Iron and Steel, Sany Equipment, China Aerospace, etc.

MG550t beam lifting machine.

YZ200/60t double beam crane.

YZ160/60T Casting Crane.

QZ32t Intelligent Grab Crane.

YB35+35t slab clamp crane.

QC16+16t double main beam electromagnetic chuck crane.

Heavy equipment business

In 2021, Dafang Heavy Equipment fully released the design capacity, and the output will reached a record high level. We successively completed the steel box bridge of Xi'an Outer Ring of the Second Public Administration of China Railway, the composite beam of the Qingdao New Airport Project of China Railway 17th Bureau, the Puwei high-speed steel box girder of China Railway 16th Bureau, and the dual-use railway of China Railway 24th Bureau of Menghua. Bridge, Changyuan Boai Road Landscape Bridge, Yadu Medical Technology Industrial Park Project, Tuoren Industrial New City and other projects

1.Steel structure bridge girder

Qingdao Airport Connection Steel Bridge Project.

Boai Road Landscape Bridge.

Puwei High Speed Steel Bridge.

Menghua road-rail dual-purpose steel bridge.

Hebao high-speed steel bridge project.

Sanmenxia Wanghu Road Steel Bridge Project.

2.Assembled building

Yado Medical Technology Industrial Park Project.

Fangyuan Rubber and Plastic Production Workshop.

Kerunkang Medical Project.

Changyuan City E-commerce Industrial Park.

Guozheng Paint Production Workshop.

Tuoren Industrial New City Project.

Smart manufacturing

In 2021, Dafang Group will build smart workshops, electrical and automation workshops, and develop and create a variety of smart devices to help customers build smart factories.

Build a smart workshop.

Electrical and automation workshop.

Dafang Crane Group has further enhanced its independent innovation capabilities, leading the lifting equipment industry to a new journey.

International trade

We keep up with the "One Belt One Road" initiative, implement an international strategic global layout, and strive to build an international Dafang brand.


Intelligently manufactured products by Dafang have the strength to go to the sea, and batches of intelligent Dafang cranes go straight to Russia.

In 2021, the export growth of Dafang Group is be good, and the product structure will continue to be optimized.

We will continue to explore a wider field and become the backbone of the future of manufacturing. New Year's Day is approaching. In the new year, Dafang Group is willing to create brilliance with you.

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