the function of overload limiter

September 24, 2018

1. Overload limiter introduction

Crane overload limiter is designed for cranes, which is widely used in safety protection devices of bridge crane to ensure the safety of cranes and operators. This product absorbs the advantages of many existing overhead limiters on the market, and collects them by feeding back the lifting force (weight sensor) of crane structure to the instrument. After reading and judging, the current weight is displayed and the corresponding working condition in indicated. After exceeding the rated weight, the lifting circuit of the crane hook is cut off quickly, so that the crane cannot lift heavy goods to protect the cranes and operators. The devices have the characteristics of good performance, high reliability, lightweight and convenient devices.

2. Crane overload limiter working principle

Crane overload limiter is composed of sensors, operational amplifiers, control actuators and load indicator, which integrates displaying, controlling and alarm functions. When the crane lifting goods, the sensor deforms, transforms the load weight into an electrical signal, and after operation enlarges, indicates the value of the load. When the load reaches 90% of the rated value, an early warning signal is sent, when the load exceeds the rated load, the power source of the lifting mechanism is cut off. It is widely used in bridge cranes and lifting elevators. Some jib type jib (such as tower jibs and portal cranes) use the overload limiter to match with the moment limiters.


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