Dafang Electrics Team Leader Worthy Of Everyone To Learn

September 30, 2021

Xiao Yanqing is the team leader of Dafang electrics. He sticks to the front line for a long time, pursues diligently, strives for perfection, and uses ingenuity to forge a great country's heavy equipment. He is known as the "Dafang Craftsman" in the group.


Dafang electrics team leader - Xiao Yanqing.

In July 2008, Xiao Yanqing graduated from University and joined Dafang. Starting from an ordinary workshop worker, he gradually grew into the leader of the electrics team step by step. Since joining, Xiao Yanqing has been awarded many honorary titles such as "Quality Advanced Individual", "Advanced Worker", and "Company Model Worker". The electrics team he led has been named Dafang Group's "Excellent Team" for many years.

The pass rate must be kept above 99%.

From worker to craftsman, Xiao Yanqing strives for excellence in every step he takes. Every time he receives a new task, in order to ensure the accuracy of component parameters, what Xiao Yanqing does first is to organize the personnel to be familiar with the drawings, and he must be the first to understand the drawings before he can prepare materials, wire connections, and assemble. After the assembly is completed, the most important thing is the debugging process. No matter how busy the work is in the electrics team, as long as it is debugging, Xiao Yanqing must be on site to ensure safe production and electrical quality.

Over the years, under Xiao Yanqing's rigorous and meticulous work attitude, the pass rate of products delivered by the electrics team has always been above 99%.

Xiao Yanqing's "Drilling Spirit" and "Perseverance".

In September 2016, Xiao Yanqing received the electrical installation task of the ME400+400t ​​double main beam gantry crane. The customer requested that the whole vehicle be equipped with variable frequency speed regulation and equipped with remote control, diagnosis and service systems. Since it is the first production of the group, the electrical part is facing challenge.

During that time, Xiao Yanqing seldom took a break, and when he had time, he searched the Internet or browsed through the information or communicated with the technical department, hoping to help. Driven by his "drilling spirit" and "Perseverance", after more than a month of repeated research and experimentation, the first "super-large tonnage intelligent electrical control system" was successfully tested and was approved by the General Administration of Quality Inspection and Quarantine.

The success of this project laid a good foundation for the development and production of green, intelligent, and networked smart cranes that our group later developed. Now, Dafang Group has mature intelligent lifting technology and strives to build smart factories for customers.

Concluding remarks

Xiao Yanqing, an both ordinary and extraordinary electrics team leader, a thoughtful and energetic and generous craftsman, he uses his practical actions to contribute his strength on the new journey of the group's high-quality development!

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