Green, Smart and Special︱ Dafang Group Helps Tangsteel New District Put into Production

November 20, 2020

With the successful ignition of No. 1 blast furnace in Tangsteel New District, a green and intelligent new steel mill started production.

From design, construction to operation, Tangsteel New Area will spread green and intelligent into the most beautiful "starting line" of high-quality development, and achieve ultra-low emission and unmanned control of the entire process through full area coverage.

Tangsteel New District officially put into production

In the third quarter of this year, dozens of “ultra-low emission unmanned overhead cranes” produced by Dafang Group were put into operation in the workshop of Tangsteel New Area, and the supporting intelligent control system was launched at the same time, which can automatically manage the rolling of steel coils and pack them into storage , shipment, and stacking. This is also the second batch of "low-emission unmanned overhead cranes" delivered by our group for Tangsteel. It accurately finds its target in the large warehouse and among thousands of steel coils, and quickly hoist it to the designated location.

Serving low-emission unmanned overhead cranes in Tangsteel New Area

Dafang Group has established a strategic cooperative relationship with Tangsteel since the establishment of the factory. Up to now, 30% of Tangsteel's lifting equipment comes from Dafang. In the construction of the Tangsteel New District, out of recognition of Dafang's technology and services, Tangsteel Group unswervingly chose Dafang. Dafang Group has fulfilled its mission and delivered a large number of green and intelligent special lifting equipment for the smooth operation of Tangshan Iron and Steel New Area.

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