Industry Crane: 6 New Types of Overhead and Gantry Cranes Delivered

October 13, 2023

Recently, Dafang independently developed and designed a number of new, large and special cranes that were successfully delivered. Here are the features and practical examples of these overhead cranes and gantry cranes.

MG 400t Double Girder Gantry Crane

Double Girder Gantry Crane

MG400t gantry crane, which is a large loading machine widely used in open-air material handling, has the advantages of large lifting capacity, large operating space, high utilization of yard area, low infrastructure investment, low operating costs, etc. It contributes to the upgrading of enterprise industry and the realization of high-end, green and intelligent.

NQD 320t New Lifting Mechanism Crane

new lifting mechanism crane

NQD 320t new lifting mechanism crane, using a new three-in-one lifting mechanism, subverting the traditional layout of the winch crane lifting device, innovative use of the reel built-in reducer structure, with a smooth lifting, high transmission efficiency, compact structure, convenient installation, high load-bearing capacity, long service life, low noise, etc., for the high-quality development of the enterprise escort.

MGZ Intelligent Grab Gantry Crane

Intelligent Grab Gantry Crane

Intelligent grab gantry crane, for cement, petrochemicals, metal concentrate powder, blast furnace grab slag and other bulk material storage and handling application scenarios, such as the material mouth blockage, material accumulation, height recognition of real-time accuracy is poor and other technical difficulties, creatively put forward a series of solutions, to improve the efficiency of multi-agency linkage operations, four-rope grab accurate control of the full rate of the hopper, to protect the high-intensity production of the tempo of the requirements of speeding up the high quality of the construction of the bridge project.

QE Double Girder Overhead Crane

QE Double Girder Overhead Crane

QE260+125/20t double trolley double girder overhead crane, which is characterized by high efficiency, high precision, high safety and high reliability, is widely used in metallurgy, electric power, petrochemical, shipbuilding, machinery and other industries. Adopting double trolley structure, it can realize synchronous or asynchronous operation to meet the needs of different working conditions; adopting advanced frequency conversion speed control system to realize smooth starting and stopping and reduce impact and vibration; adopting perfect safety devices and protection devices to ensure the safe operation of the crane in various environments.

Brewing Crane

Brewing Crane

Dafang delivered a special crane for brewing to a brewery in Guizhou, which is characterized by high precision, accurate identification, intelligent scheduling, etc. The whole action of grasping and unloading materials does not require auxiliary personnel, which keeps the staff away from the humid working environment, ensures personal safety and greatly improves the production efficiency.

MCL Downswing Electromagnetic Hanging Beam Gantry Crane

Electromagnetic Hanging Beam Gantry Crane

The electromagnetic hanging beam gantry crane has a circuit control system that utilizes low voltage current to control high voltage current, with a small risk factor, safe and convenient operation, and is widely used.

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