Ingenuity achieves new products︱Dafang AGV carts are coming

February 20, 2021

Dafang intelligent manufacturing has renewed its efforts, the new high-end AGV cart is coming , and we continue to work on the liberation of manpower to make the world smarter, faster and easier.

In the production of the manufacturing industry, AGV carts replace manual material handling, which realizes the automation of workshop logistics and improves the level of production automation. Through the perfect combination of AGV cart and production line, each link of transportation can be completed automatically, without manual participation, truly unmanned management and building a smart factory.

New product advantage

  • The box structure of the frame is strong and durable;
  • The wheels areMecanum wheels, which can realize straight, diagonal, horizontal and in-situ turning movements.
  • Flexible damping system, effectively ground the wheels, so as to better realize precise control;
  • Powered by battery pack/lithium battery pack, product operation is more stable.
  • The navigation system is rich, divided into natural navigation, QR code navigation, laser navigation and magnetic navigation.

Navigation System

  • Natural navigation: The laser sensor scans the environment of the work area to generate a map. The system repeatedly compares the operating position and map data to achieve positioning and navigation without other facilities. Features: convenient construction and flexible paths.
  • Magnetic navigation: The magnetic stripe is laid on the ground, and the AGV realizes path guidance and site information through magnetic induction signals. Features: stable performance, mature technology, low cost.
  • Laser navigation: AGV determines the current position by laser scanning the pre-installed reflector to realize positioning and navigation. Features: Flexible path, suitable for multiple environments, high precision, low maintenance cost.
  • QRcode navigation: AGV obtains location information by reading the pre-posted QR code labels to realize positioning and navigation. Features: Flexible path, precise positioning, fast running speed and high reliability.

In the factory, AGV solutions have brought changes to the production process. Some monotonous and repetitive handling tasks that were previously performed by humans can now be completed by AGV carts. It liberates labor and allows employees to engage in more creative work with higher added value.

More flexible production

The AGV handling route can be adjusted in time with the adjustment of the production process. A production line can produce multiple products, and the production becomes more flexible.

Reduce human error

AGV replaces manuals for automated material transportation. No one is involved in the entire process. Only the AGV accurately completes the handling tasks in the production line according to the instructions, which can effectively avoid the occurrence of human errors.

Improve management efficiency

The AGV handling system can realize intelligent scheduling, avoid AGV carts from blocking and queuing during work, and always maintain orderly production and easy management.


AGV carts

Intelligent manufacturing innovation driven

The AGV cart is another new product independently developed by Dafang. It is committed to building smart factories for customers. We can customize the corresponding AGV truck equipment for users according to the actual production conditions of users.

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