The Lifting Equipment In Chuoer To Xiliao Water Diversion Project Passed The A Inspection

October 26, 2021

On October 19th, the project A inspection expert group formed by Inner Mongolia Chuoer to Xiliao Water Diversion Project Water Supply Co., Ltd., Yellow River Engineering Consulting Supervision Co., Ltd., and China Hydropower Construction Group 15 Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd. Carry out high-standard acceptance on the European type crane project undertook by our group for the Chuoer to Xiliao Water Diversion Project.

Relying on the excellent product quality of Dafang Heavy Machinery, the expert group agreed that the products meet the requirements of the contract technical agreement and the A-inspection outline, and successfully passed the A-inspection.

The Chuoer-Xiliao Water Diversion Project is one of China's major water-saving and water-supply projects, and it is also the largest-scale investment project in Inner Mongolia so far. After its completion, the project will play a significant role in the economic development of eastern Inner Mongolia and even Inner Mongolia, and it also has particularly high requirements for the use performance of lifting equipment. Therefore, the expert team is very strict in reviewing this project.

The expert group reviews relevant technical information.

On-site inspection by the expert group.

In the meeting room, the expert group reviewed the relevant technical materials in detail. At the site, strict measurements and inspections were carried out on the bridge structure, mechanical assembly and appearance of the equipment. Power-on tests were carried out on crane operation, trolley operation, hoisting mechanism and electrical system.

After strict inspections by the expert group, the expert group agreed that the lifting equipment manufactured by our group is advanced in technology, excellent in quality, beautiful in appearance, stable in power-on trial operation, and the equipment performance meets all the requirements of the water conservancy industry.


The project team headed by Deputy General Manager Fu Jianchun fully cooperated with this A inspection and acceptance work.

In the future, the group will continue to adhere to the quality policy of paying attention to customers, continuous improvement, process control, and manufacturing high-quality products, and reward customers with excellent product quality, and win the market together with customers.

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