How Often Do Overhead Cranes Need To Be Inspected?

May 11, 2021

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The main elements of routine maintenance inspection and repair of overhead cranes are:

First-level inspection and maintenance: is a regular maintenance work, by the bridge crane operator is responsible for, mainly including wire rope, reel, pulley, bearings, couplings, reducers, brakes, etc. inspection, lubrication, tightening and adjustment. Secondary inspection and maintenance: is a regular maintenance work, it is responsible for the maintenance workers, including the entire bridge crane maintenance and maintenance of various institutions and equipment.

To ensure the safe operation of overhead cranes, the first task is to do a good job of inspection of overhead cranes.

Daily inspection

This item and the bridge crane operator handover system combined, mainly by the handover of the bridge crane operator together on the bridge crane important mechanical and electrical parts, such as hooks, wire rope, each agency brake, controller, each agency limiters and various safety switch action is sensitive and reliable check. Specific inspection items are as follows:

1. Check whether the general power switch of the protection box has been cut off, forbidden to check with electricity.
2. Whether the steel wire rope has broken strands and broken wires, whether the winding of the reel and pulley is normal, whether there are no grooves, knots, distortion and other phenomena, whether the pressure plate bolts at the end of the steel wire rope are tight.
3. Whether the hook has cracks, whether the hook nut's anti-loosening device is complete, and whether the spreader is complete and reliable.
4. Whether the brake tile of each mechanism is tight against the brake wheel, the brake tile lining and the brake wheel wear, whether the open position plate is complete, whether the magnet stroke meets the requirements, and whether the rod rotation is stuck. 
5. The connection bolts of the rotating parts of each institution and the fixed bolts of each component are tight.
6. Whether the wiring of the electrical equipment is normal, and whether the contact between the conductive slider and the sliding line is good.
7. Check whether the action of the end limit switch of the overhead crane is flexible and normal, and whether the action of the safety protection switch is flexible and works normally.
8. The rotation of the overhead crane mechanism is normal, there is no abnormal sound.
9. Clean the equipment 15 minutes before work to maintain a good hygienic environment.

Weekly inspection

By the manipulation of the overhead crane several operators in each weekend together on the overhead crane for a comprehensive inspection, weekly inspection including:

1. contactor, controller contact contact contact and corrosion.
2. Brake brake friction pad wear.
3. Linkage on the key connection and screw tightening.
4. The wear and tear of the wire rope used for more than half a year.
5. The lifting mechanism of double brakes, the size of the braking torque of each brake.
6. Whether the electrical limit switch is sensitive and reliable.

Monthly inspection

Overhead crane operators and maintenance personnel (electricity, clamps) together to check the crane, the content of the monthly inspection is divided into the contents of the weekly inspection, but also includes the following: 

1. motor, reducer, bearing support, angular bearing box and other base screw fastening and the wear of the motor brush.
2. The tightening of the wire rope pressure plate screws, the wear and lubrication of the wire rope used for more than 3 months The wear and tear of the wire insulation layer at the pipe mouth.
3. The lubrication of each limit switch rotating shaft.
4. The amount of lubricating oil in the reducer.
5. The wear of the wire rope at the balance wheel.
6. Lubrication of open gear rotation.

Semi-annual inspection

Can be combined with the first level of maintenance of overhead cranes, operators and repair personnel together, the content of the half-yearly inspection, in addition to including the weekly inspection, monthly inspection content, should include the following: 

1. control panel, protection box, controller, resistor and the terminal block, wiring according to the tightening of the screws.
2. The tightening of the end beam screws.
3. brake solenoid cylinder lubrication, hydraulic brake solenoid oil quantity and oil quality.
4. The insulation of all electrical equipment.
5. Metal structure deformation and the absence of open welding.
6. wheel gnawing condition.

Annual inspection

Can be combined with the bridge crane secondary maintenance, in addition to all the content of the half-yearly inspection, should also check the metal components have no cracks, welded seams have no rust; the size of the wheel wear condition; measurement of the large car span and large car track span difference, measurement of the main beam static winding and static, dynamic load test; comprehensive lubrication of the crane.

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