Fully Automatic Unattended Slag Grab Crane,The Terminator Of Blast Furnace Slag

December 23, 2020

Cleaning up blast furnace slag in steel plants has always been a headache. On the one hand, it is because the environment where there is blast furnace slag is relatively harsh, and some gases contained in the mist are harmful to the human body. On the other hand, because the position and state of the grab bucket cannot be seen clearly when the fog is large, it is easy to cause grab failure and collision.

The fully automatic unattended slag grab crane developed by Dafang Group is specially developed for cleaning blast furnace water slag in steel plants. Through unmanned transformation, the crane has functions such as automatic slag grabbing, precise positioning, anti-sway, and automatic avoidance. The shape, position, and center of gravity of the transported object can be identified by scanning. The equipment runs smoothly, the working curve is smooth, and the service life is prolonged, effectively reducing operation and maintenance costs and labor costs.

Its unmanned architecture consists of crane-mounted systems, ground management systems, and data network transmission systems. The crane-mounted system is responsible for crane control, position detection, 3D material surface scanning detection, weight detection, operation status detection and other functions; the ground management system is responsible for the management of crane slag grabbing operations and the monitoring of crane-mounted system data; The data network transmission system is composed of wireless transmission equipment and network equipment, responsible for the reliable transmission of data between the vehicle-mounted system and the ground system.

slag grab crane

The device has the following functions:

  1. Anti-sway function. The overall anti-sway solution can effectively eliminate 90% of the swing. When the grab is closed, the four of the steel rope will always be stressed evenly;
  2. Communication failure detection between the crane-mounted PLC and the management station. When there is a communication failure, the equipment will automatically stop at the current position to ensure safety;
  3. When the slag is continuously discharged, it has the functions of transferring slag material, stacking slag material, and merging;
  4. Triple protection is set for crane collision avoidance. Dual protection is set for driving top rush, and the crane grab is set for wall protection;
  5. 3 control modes: local manual, screen manual, and fully automatic functions;
  6. The equipment animation in the management software is consistent with the actual operation, simple and clear;
  7. When the 3D scanning equipment fails, it can automatically catch slag through PLC sequence judgment;
  8. The size of the vehicle is automatically recognized, and the loading amount is automatically calculated;
  9. The driving realizes close-to-edge grabbing, and has the function of protecting grab and wall.


In recent years, Dafang Group has intensified its research and development efforts, making every effort to move closer to unmanned and intelligent products, and has delivered fully automatic intelligent cranes and other equipment for multiple customers.

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