2. Gold autumn help students dream of the flight | Dafang group help 13 poor students achieve dream

October 28, 2017


In 2017, the Dafang group of employees of the children of 13 students admitted to the university, in order to fully fulfill the "commitment to employees" to help the children of the group of children grow up, so that workers can work at ease in the company, August 24 afternoon, College students were to get the group of 3,000 yuan grants. Up to now, the Group has funded nearly 100 young students to achieve college dream, the amount of funding reached more than three hundred thousand yuan.


Dafang group was founded in 2006, the registered capital of 230 million yuan, under the implement of the production of heavy machinery, heavy steel structure manufacturing, modern agriculture three business plate, is a bridge gantry crane, electric hoist, steel structure and other product design , research and development, manufacturing, sales as one of the large-scale comprehensive enterprise groups. Since the establishment of the company has always adhered to "for the customer, for the staff, for the community," the three culture, the establishment of the Changyuan County industrial poverty alleviation employment base for the local people, graduate students to provide thousands of jobs. Adhere to the annual poverty for the five guarantees, old homes for the elderly, admitted to the University of the cold students sent to the care and warmth.


establishment of the "provincial enterprise technology center", "Road Bridge Door Engineering Technology Center", the establishment of advanced integrated "testing center" and "intelligent control center" Structural engineering professional contract Yiji qualification ", and actively promote the lifting machinery, steel products to upgrade. Development of new electric hoist, European single, double beam, metallurgical casting crane, 1600t mobile mold, ME400 +400t ​​double girder gantry crane, 320 European double-beam cranes, steel bridge and other engineering equipment in machinery manufacturing, large steel,  Railway, bridge construction and other industries to show their talents. No matter how fast enterprise development, generous group of "three for" culture, respect for knowledge, training of talent, the concept of social responsibility has never changed.


General Manager Hu Xu and the students received a photo and speech, Hu always told 13 students in the speech, I hope everyone to the university must learn, and actively grasp the professional knowledge, study science, only to the best, for the Revitalization of China to make contributions, generous group welcome everyone after graduation to return home and the company common development.


We believe that companies, managers, and employees of mutual "love, respect, trust and sublimation", generous group development tomorrow will be more beautiful.

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