Selection Of Overhead Bridge Crane Accessories

August 25, 2021


It is necessary that the rated output current of the bridge crane inverter is greater than the steady-state power current at the organization's great load torque. The operating organization of the crane consists of the operating organization of the overhead crane, the operating lever and the operating lever. With the display, control and alarm function.

The overload capacity of the overhead crane is very strong. Due to the different operating systems of the organization, the promised output torque of the motor is different from the data on the nameplate. In order to ensure that the motor temperature rise does not exceed the standard, the organization selects the motor whose promised output power is greater than or equal to the organization's steady-state power, and the rated current of the inverter should be greater than the organization's current in steady-state operation. Regarding the S2 operating system with long-term full-load operation, it is necessary to confirm whether the promised output current value of the inverter is required for full-load.

The overload limiter uses the wire rope point of view sensor, that is, the tension that the wire rope needs to be strained after loading. The force makes the sensor block slightly deformed to obtain the corresponding data. Then, the microcomputer uses these data for weight display and overload limit control, after reaching the rated tonnage to open the normal closure point. Overhead crane lifting circuit cut off, stop operation, expand the reading: the four major damages of electric double girder crane overload operation.

The overload capacity of the overhead crane power switch is different from that of low-voltage electrical appliances and motors. Therefore, there should be a large margin of safety. According to the specifications or contract requirements, the bridge machine for experiments, the long-term power supply capacity of the inverter should meet the experimental requirements. Such experiments include: 72h/168h full load test, 110% load dynamic load test, etc.

Lateral overload limiter is widely used in electric cranes. Installation method is: loosen the limiter filament, press the fixed end of the wire rope into the limiter filament, lock the wire rope micro-deformer up and down the filament, and connect the limiter to the power supply according to the instruction. Operation. The control line of overload limiter is connected to the control circuit of overhead crane hoisting circuit.

The overload current capacity of the overhead crane inverter is greater than the great torque current required by the crane. When the motor overcomes the dynamic load, it is necessary that the great current of the inverter is greater than the great current. When the motor starts, it bears the accelerating torque, the special torque of the organization and the starting torque required by the specification. The inverter of the overhead crane needs to meet some special requirements of the organizations of the crane, such as the overload test of the hoisting organization and the windproof level of the field operation of the operating organization.

Installation should pay attention to two points: First, the overload limiter is necessary to install in the fixed end of the cable, that is, the wire rope has been fixed. We know that the electric hoist of the overhead crane has 2, 4, 6 wire ropes. When the electric hoist lifting, one or two wire ropes will not move. Overload limiter should be installed on the fixed wire rope. Secondly, the overload limiter pressure rope screw tightness should be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the manual, that is, the wire rope slight deformation should be tightened to too tight or too loose, will affect the use of the role.

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