Dafang Academy of Management Was Established

June 28, 2021

On the morning of June 14, the opening ceremony and unveiling ceremony of Dafang Academy of Management was grandly held in the conference room on the eighth floor of the group. Group Chairman Ma Junjie, Dafang Heavy Machinery Chairman Zhang Honglian, General Manager Liu Zijun and other leaders and staff members attended the meeting. The meeting was hosted by Deputy General Manager Wei Sha.

At the meeting, Ma Junjie, Chairman of the Group, delivered a speech. Mr. Ma explained to the participants the importance of establishing Dafang Academy from three aspects: "learning and then knowing the insufficiency, teaching and then knowing the difficulties", "sensitive and eager to learn, endless learning", "applicable knowledge and unity of knowledge and action" to the participants. He pointed out that the establishment of Dafang Academy is an important measure for the group to build a team. Through the construction of the Academy and the training of students, it is necessary to truly create a Dafang dream team with high loyalty, positive energy, and cultivate a group of sentimentality, good management, and understanding of cooperation. For the high-quality and sustainable development of the enterprise, we will build a talent team.

Group Chairman Ma Junjie and General Manager Liu Zijun jointly unveiled the Academy of Management, marking the official establishment of Dafang Academy of Management. Group Chairman Ma Junjie served as the Dean, and Heavy Machinery Chairman Zhang Honglian served as the Vice President. The launch of the Academy of Management is an important milestone in the development history of Dafang.

After the unveiling ceremony, Zhang Honglian, deputy dean of Dafang Academy of Management, gave the first lecture. Zhang Honglian first introduced the Academy's course settings to the students, from the "Dafang development strategy and short-term goals", "the characteristics of talents Dafang needs", and "the ways and methods of personal growth".

"Enterprises and individuals are in the same boat," and "confrontation of involution" and other aspects are taught to students, teaching everyone to learn endlessly, apply what they have learned, pioneer and innovate, broaden their horizons, increase knowledge, and improve comprehensive management capabilities. Excellent Dafang people, qualified Dafang people.


The establishment of Dafang Academy of Management has made Dafang Group even more powerful. The Academy will strengthen the training of internal personnel of the enterprise, stimulate the potential of the team, optimize the organization, and charge the talents at the right time, so as to promote various management indicators to new highs, so that Dafang will enter a new world of high-quality and sustainable development. Toward the corporate vision of "creating a happy enterprise and building a century-old generosity", and march forward bravely.

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