Dafang participated in the construction of the Mengxi Huazhong Railway

June 22, 2021

In recent years, Dafang's Heavy Equipment steel bridge business has developed in a spurt, and masterpieces have been produced frequently to help the national railway development plan and fully promote the pace of infrastructure construction in China. This Dafang Heavy Equipment is undertaking the construction of the Mengxi Huazhong Railway Sanmenxia Yellow River Highway and Railway Bridge, which spans some sections of the Lianhuo Expressway. Currently in production.

Project Background

The Sanmenxia Yellow River Bridge is located between Pinglu County, Yuncheng City, Shanxi Province and Shanzhou District, Sanmenxia City, Henan Province, connecting the north and south banks of the Yellow River. It is a full-line control project of the Mengxi Huazhong Railway. The Sanmenxia section of Mengxi Huazhong Railway is an important part of the "three vertical and four horizontal" transportation network. Our company undertook the construction of some sections of the project.

Completed part

Product advantages

Large load

The bridge needs to bear the load, which is equivalent to the weight of tens of thousands of cars at the same time. Our company made the bridge, using Q345qd large-thickness steel plate, through high-quality welding process for full welding to ensure the strength, stability and durability of the bridge in use

Strong seismic resistance

The bridge is a high-intensity area, and the basic earthquake intensity in the bridge site area is Ⅶ. When our company made the bridge, we fully considered the impact of the earthquake on the bridge and adopted reasonable structural measures to effectively improve the seismic performance of the bridge.

High environmental protection requirements

The bridge passes through three nature reserves. In order to implement the concept of ecological and environmental protection, light-shielding and sound barriers are installed on both sides of the bridge to reduce the adverse effects of noise and light on the birds in the wetland reserve when the train passes. Damping ballast pads are installed on the railway bridge deck to reduce the vibration of the steel beam when the train passes.

Completed part


The Sanmenxia Yellow River Highway-Railway Bridge is the longest railway in the world that has been built and opened for operation at one time, spanning the country's land from north to south. Our company is fortunate to participate in the construction of some of the road sections and go all out to help the national infrastructure construction. At the same time, the production of this project marks another solid step taken by Dafang Heavy Equipment in the production of steel box girder. In the future, Dafang Heavy Equipment will continue to carry forward the spirit of tenacious struggle, meticulous production and scientific construction, to create more brilliance in the field of steel structure engineering, strive to build the largest steel structure bridge production base in the Central Plains, and promote the development of China's railway industry.

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